Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Hooping Body Workshop with GroovinMeGzz in Richmond, Va

Hey Lovely Hoopers! I've got great news! This year the RVA HoOp LOvers are hosting The Hooping Body over the holiday season! I'm thrilled to be teaching this workshop, and offering all I've got to give to the Richmond Hoop Community!

Look at this beautiful space! :)
Workshop Description:
We will begin by going through The Hooping Body concepts, which teaches hoopers how to effectively warm up the muscles and prevent any injuries from hoop practice. Next we will flow through FUN conceptual exercises involving the hoop and dance. Incorporating plane changes, grace, flow and beat punctuation. I'll be urging creativity and pushing your boundaries as a dancer! This workshop is designed for mixed level of hoopers! So come one, come all!

Important Details:
When: Monday Dec. 27th
Where: Dogtown Dance Theatre 109 West 15th Street Richmond, Virginia 23224
Time: 7:00-8:30pm

You can register and pay online through paypal!
Just send the money to or

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Looking forward to hooping with you!