Thursday, May 14, 2009

ahhh yes... Reflection on this year so far..

I got a package from my mom today and inside was a magnet with my favorite quote:
"Life is not about finding yourself, but creating yourself."
Wow, and then it hit me. I wanted to take a moment to jot down my thoughts on life right now at this moment! Things are getting better and I am basking in abundance!!

Its funny to think where I was mentally a year ago, I had just moved out to Portland, barely knew anyone in the Hoop Community... I was unemployed & stressing about it, unsure of what was to come...I didn't even know what direction I wanted to go towards...
so many friends gave me positive words and hopefully thinking, I tried hard not to roll my eyes! But finally...things are coming together !

My personal training clientele is finally building! I actually got productivity bonus this pay term which increased my $ per session a great deal!! finally!!!!! Several of my clients are loosing inches, dropping the pounds and getting closer to their goals! I am leading 2 group training programs, one has 8 people the other has 5 and its a real blast! I love turning up crappy workout beats and working people HARD!! What's even better- my boss believes in me & respects my work! It is an incredible feeling!!

My HOOP life!
WHOOHOO finally broke through my plateau. I felt in a HUGE RUT-my hip and neck pain have really been holding me back, especially working with doubles on the body... I was watching everyones videos and seeing all the new moves and feeling ENVY! argh! she has that move! and that one!!! haha, you know the feeling. Anyways I got the 3-beat weave...FINALLY jeez. that is a boost and a couple other concepts from Rich's diagrammatic hoop workshops..feels good to anti-spin indeed :)

Teaching- wow wow wow. My Diva Den studio classes were going okay.. the attendance was low but the students I did have were GREAT! but it brought down my confidence! Why wasn't anyone attending my classes? Who knows sometimes.... but
Since my Hoopnotica certification I have learned SO much!! and my class is now FULL and I'm looking for a new studio to begin more classes! Things are really taking off,I have ever growing opportunities and tremendous respect for the company and honored to be a part of Hoonpotica! I have more confidence than EVER in my teaching technique and how I can really impact the world in the most positive way possible.

Loving life, thick and thin, its all gravy baby.

Love to all you hoopers!!!

2009 is our year to SHINE!!!!

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  1. Wowie!
    Enjoyed reading your 'hoop story' . . . I'm S in McMinnville (OR) & found hooping in an blurb on Jamie's blog

    WOW!! Looking into getting (making?) a hoop! I'm an LMT & have just begun teaching Tai Chi again - this looks so fun!! My dau & I are dance junkies, & she says one friend 'hoops' while she's watching TV - who knew??
    would love to be in touch :)