Friday, January 31, 2014

Reeling in the heart strings..

There always comes that sobering moment when a relationship ends. Hits you like a bag of bricks. Head, heart, gut all at once. Doosh. Soul mates are beautiful reflections for ourselves. We see what we are, what we are not, and what we want to become. But they are not our be all end all. WE ARE. True Self is within, not in others. Not in romantic connection. Not in two bodies intertwined together making love. These are all experiences to learn and grow from. All moments are fleeting. All experiences are too. Good and Bad. Try not attach yourself to anyone or anything. What is true is the wisdom and the love that lives with in. Practice self love every day. Its important to not sacrifice yourself for another. That is not the point of relationships! Let your self flourish. Honor your desires, honor your passions! Follow your heart. Don’t walk the path only because someone you love does. Walk your own path. Stay in check with your heart source.

You enter the Kingdom Heaven through the doors within. 

You are your end all be all. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

My Guru, the Blender

Last week I began my morning routine like always, getting all my supplies out to make my delicious morning smoothie. I had been using my roommates older blender. It was already missing a lid, and recently the only way to turn it on and off was to plug and unplug it. Another blender issue developed, it would stop locking into place and would end up spinning madly out of control creating a huge mess. 
Well, that happened. The blender didn't lock into place, and all my delicious organic ingredients went all over my face, clothing, and kitchen. It was too early for this! I wanted these nutrients in my body, not all over. I felt the sensations of frustration and self anger rising. I took a kitchen rag and smacked it on the counter top, releasing some of the energy. Why do I spend every morning with this silly blender? Why have I not invested in a new one?! 
That is it! I can change this, so I am!

After training a client, I headed to the Good Will to see what I would find. And sure enough, it was my lucky day! I found an incredible food processor/blender that is worth a great deal for less than $20. I came home giddy as gumdrops! No more messes, I was frustrated about a situation and created the change I wanted to see. That easy! Now my roommate and I get to enjoy this new kitchen gadget. I cleaned all the little parts and set them aside to dry. 

The following morning, my roommate and her boyfriend where excited to use the new toy. I received a text from her asking where the bottom part was that locks the blade and the glass container into place. Wishing I was home to help her look, I knew I had washed all the pieces and left them on the counter in plain sight. When I got home from work, I searched for the missing piece and I also could not find it! 
This does not make sense! I just had them yesterday, all clean and ready to go. I was amped on finding the piece. I searched through the trash twice, the recycling, every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen. I decided to take a break from looking, knowing that it's in the house and it will turn up. 

A few hours later, my roommates boyfriend came home and asked about the missing piece. This reminded me of the situation and I began frantically looking again. "This just doesn't make sense!" I declare, "I'm going to start searching in the places that don't make sense..." I began looking in the freezer, the fridge, the washing machine, the dryer, of course the missing blender part wasn't in any of these locations. My room mate comes home and also begins in the search. 
All of us had put quite a bit of energy into finding this missing piece. I decide to step out of the house and head to the store. 

When I return, I feel the energy is much more calm. They both have a smile on their face. 

Turns out, the blender wasn't missing a piece at all. It's a different design where the glass container screws into the base part, we didn't need the "piece" we thought we were looking for. 
It never existed. The answer was right in front of us the whole time, we just had to change our perspective. Look at it differently. Create a new way to approach the situation. 

Two lessons gained with the blender experience. First one, if you are angry about a situation and you can change it, DO IT. No more wasting time and repeating the same stressful situations over and over. Second lesson, the answer you are looking for may be right in front of you, if you can open your mind and  change your perspective and approach to the situation.