Friday, January 31, 2014

Reeling in the heart strings..

There always comes that sobering moment when a relationship ends. Hits you like a bag of bricks. Head, heart, gut all at once. Doosh. Soul mates are beautiful reflections for ourselves. We see what we are, what we are not, and what we want to become. But they are not our be all end all. WE ARE. True Self is within, not in others. Not in romantic connection. Not in two bodies intertwined together making love. These are all experiences to learn and grow from. All moments are fleeting. All experiences are too. Good and Bad. Try not attach yourself to anyone or anything. What is true is the wisdom and the love that lives with in. Practice self love every day. Its important to not sacrifice yourself for another. That is not the point of relationships! Let your self flourish. Honor your desires, honor your passions! Follow your heart. Don’t walk the path only because someone you love does. Walk your own path. Stay in check with your heart source.

You enter the Kingdom Heaven through the doors within. 

You are your end all be all. 

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