Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Fulcrum Point -Present Moment

Inspired from The Hathor Material

Observing two children on a see-saw, you watch as one kid goes up, the other kid goes down. A beautiful metaphor for consciousness as it moves into this duality experience from its still-point of non-duality. Opposite forces come into play, as with the seesaw, our worlds of polarities, as something moves up, something else moves down and so on. That moment, when the narrow board pauses, each side is parallel to the ground and when there is no movement-that is the fulcrum point. The perfect balance of these dualities, a neutral state of friction or activity. This is the present moment-NOW.

So in our life, as we experience the dualistic natural of existence, when we feel "down" we are also entering an initiatory portal! The difficulties, tests and trails are how the soul grows. You are working through the emotional, mental and spiritual "contents" of your own consciousness. Experienced by the events, thoughts, feelings and emotions that trigger within you. If you honor the fulcrum point-the present moment of your life, as that center, the pivotal focus of your own consciousness, you are prepared to move into a different relationship with your experience. 

Honor your experience and feeling responses, for they are the meaning, context and purpose of your life.

It is ironic and paradoxical that your consciousness can create either heaven or hell around the same event. The reactions you experience in response to different events actually has very little to do with the event itself. These events are essential empty. They are triggers however, that cause something to respond from within your consciousness. As you go through the initiatory process of your life, you tune into the hellish tormented sensations of attachments-fears, pains, angers, sadness and the emotional states where you feel content, loved and fulfilled. These are your two polar states, and they work, move and pulsate from one to the other. The Fulcrum Point of your experience is on the edge of which they teeter. From this level of understanding you realize you are creating your emotional or feeling responses, and are responsible for them!

When you experience something difficult, look inside yourself in response to the event. The feelings and thoughts are telling you something. This is an opportunity for greater awareness and clarity. The power of the Fulcrum Point- it is a sacred moment. Every moment of your experience is sacred and when you find yourself in situations that are difficult and challenging, know that you have entered another initiation opportunity. They can be taken in a constructive and creative manner and the soul shall advance.

So- Love More. Forgive More. Understanding that love is truly an energetic power that will lead you to the qickest and deepest space of stability. When you enter into that vibrational state of love and acceptance, you are able to forgive, then you are in a position that is energetically unmovable. Whatever happens around you will not be disturbing because you are in the Fundamental Tone, the Fundamental Octive that holds and binds the Universe together. Consequently you are literally above it all and untouched by it.  

So let us Love more. Forgive More. 

I love you.

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