Sunday, July 3, 2011

Introducing one of my new favorite therapeutic tools: The Stick!

Hello followers, friends and fellow athletes! I am writing you to share yet another life changing tool I've begun incorporating into my recovery/flexibility/preventative routine. 

What is the stick? 
The Stick is a revolutionary device used to segmentally compress and stretch muscle. It is highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points. 

It's been featured in numerous publications with raving reviews. 

The Stick helps release non compliant muscles by performing what Dr. Travell calls stripping massage. In fact, this noted medical physician relates that, "deep stripping massage of the tender spot in the muscle was generally the treatment of choice for muscular rheumatism (myofascial trigger points) long before the turn of this century, and for fibrositis afterwards." The Stick allows people to self-perform general as well as segmental therapeutic procedures with a high degree of precision. These procedures remove the barriers to peak physical performance. It is the unassisted rolling, stretching, twisting and compressing of the muscle that diffuses barrier trigger points and converts non-compliant muscle to compliant muscle. 

I use it to roll out my shins, calves, all my insertion points around my knee (helps tremendously with tendinitis) IT band, forearms...its pretty much amazing. I love my stick as much as I love my foam roller!! 

General Tips for Use
  • Keep muscles relaxed during rollout
  • Use on skin or through light clothing.
  • The Stick is waterproof and designed to bend without fear of breaking.
  • It is not necessary to hurt the muscle in order to help the muscle.
  • Most effective when used before, during and after periods of activity.
  • For pin-point rollout, slide hands onto spindles.
  • Excessive use may caue muscle soreness.

General Instructions
  • A typical warm-up for healthy muscle tissue is about 20 progressively deeper passes over each muscle group (about 30 seconds per area).
  • Discomfort or pain is experienced when the spindles locate a bump or tender knot in the muscle - this is known as a trigger point.
  • Muscles containing trigger points are often weak, stiff and sore. They are frequently tight, easily tire and often hurt.
  • Muscles containing chronic trigger points need 20 additional passes over the involved area, and may require attention several times daily.

Check out The Stick's website to learn MORE and to order your own!

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