Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Creating Heaven or Hell...You are the craftsmen

Clarity in this concept has been running through my veins the last few weeks and I really want to share. While monitoring my thoughts/reactions to daily events/future or past I sense the perception I'm creating about each and the energetic consequence of these thoughts. I'm realizing through my thought pattern I am creating suffering within. I begin to step back as much as I can from the situation to view all sides. There has to be a bright side! Eliminating the words "Can't, hate, won't, sucks" rephrasing carefully to "not yet, I am going to, working on..." 
Cognitive restructuring isn't easy at first, but the habit is fun.

While spending time with others, sharing in conversation I realize I am listening from a different place than before. My heart. I hear how they are expressing themselves. I sense the frustration, sorrow, guilt, self loathing, regret. I feel their hearts within mine as they express themselves to me. I hear a little bit of myself in their words. As they paint their portrait of the life situation presented, I can begin to grasp the full picture. I can see where they are choosing suffering instead of creating a viewpoint that settles the matter. By offering objective perspective the ability to advocate in a positive direction becomes more clear ! Finding both sides of the situation. Light and a dark. 

Maintaining peace within every moment is quite a fine balance of accepting what's presented before you, allowing it to be and letting go of previous expectations.

"Life" this waking dream state we all seem to co-exist in. (Co-create within!) We wake, we work, we eat, hobbies, family time, whatever we will our time to be spent doing. When OUR plan and the Universe's plan doesn't align are when the challenges arise.  Not getting the job you interviewed for, Losing your home in a fire, losing a family member, a tragic loss of a pet, car breaking down, unable to afford rent and bills, contracting an STD/AIDs, unexpected pregnancies, not scoring the audition, losing your job suddenly. Business shut down, financial bankruptcy, Car broken into, getting robbed/mugged, injuries, car accidents... do you see where I am going...? 

I'm not getting into karma or we attract what we think about... What I'm trying to share,  is that when presented with these unavoidable situations, we have the choice, to create heaven or to create hell. To be upset, stressed, angry, to revolt, to rebel, to create friction and tension OR to accept, to allow, knowing that all is in divine order. The amount of peace that comes with acceptance of whatever is before you is the heavenly state. Trusting that in the end...all things will settle. Realizing happiness is a choice. Truly. We all experience hardship. And when immersed in the pain of it, its hard to see through. There is always something learned, strength gained. Perspective, new direction, different intentions. 

To know you truly have the choice within you, to craft your day, to control what influences your moment to moment existence. It is your divine right. It's our truest choice in life. Our attitude. 

I love you. 
Thanks for reading.