Tuesday, December 16, 2008


MeGzz grew up in Virginia and always had a passion for artistic expression through music and dance. She always approached these practices with a bright personality and positive attitude. When she discovered her passion for the hoop during the winter of 2005, she immediately felt the connection and knew she belonged inside the circle.

as Megz grew as a hooper she also grew as a person, discovering much about herself and her life's path. After earning her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Foods and Nutrition, she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she embraced all the beauty, positivity, and inspiration that life has to offer.

Since arriving in Portland, she has expanded her hoop practices to incorporate elements of Yoga and aerobic rhythmic exercises to create an extremely unique, centering, and fun style of dance. She always focused on inspiring those around her and eventually felt the urge to share the bliss the hoop has brought her so she began teaching classes within the community.

GroovinMegzz has also been fortunate enough to perform around the country with EOTO (Michael Travis and Jason Hann from String Cheese Incident), Railroad Earth, Keller and the WMD's, Vibesquad, Surrounded by Ninjas, as well as at many private events. She is constantly pursuing performance opportunities where she can push the boundaries to create exciting new visual productions.

Aside from the hoop, Megz is extremely passionate about nutrition, fitness, and supporting local organic foods. Working as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and doing nutritional seminars she always tries to incorporate hoopdance into her therapeutic methods. She is extremely thankful for all the happiness, love, grace, and euphoria that the Hoop has brought her, and she knows that she is exactly where she is meant to be – inside the Circle-

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  1. She is truly an inspiration, not only inside the hoop, but outside as well!! She gives good vibrations to whomever she is around and strives for the positive in every situation! *I love you girl, can't wait to be together again :) Miss you! and I'm so proud of you and your workshops, those are some lucky peeps who attended!! <3