Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feedback from Fall Hoop Workshops!

I am very pleased to say both workshops-the one in Portland and the one in Mechanicsville, VA went VERY WELL! I got a lot of positive feedback about the new hoop aerobic moves, the intentional yoga postures and slow meditative exercises we did!!

Here are some direct quotes from students:
"Loved the workshop. Especially the music and how well it went with each section. My favorite was lazy bass stepping and the flute exercise. It was dance interpretation that was different from what I do all the time. Stepping, reversing, pausing. Doubles was fun too, not to mention the great workout I got. It seemed a little more intense this time. Much more sweat!"

"I don't think I was able to fully expressed how much fun I had at the class! It was awesome, I loved the hoop yoga aspect of it as well especially the move where you reach out for something you want or whatsomeone else wants on the inhale then on the exhale drawing your hand toward you. It really had meaning in my life right now. Very very fun class loved the doubles I got a lot of those tricks with doubles for the first time in your class! "

"Thank you for such an amazing workshop!! I learned SOO much and had a magical time sharing and creating with you and everyone. You are so beautiful and inspiring! Your future is bright keep spreading your love and bliss it is truly appreciated"

****I am hoping to be able to make a trip up to Seattle early 2009 and host another Hoop Fitness Fusion workshop!****

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