Sunday, December 25, 2011

GroovinMegzz comes to RVA Hoop Circle! 12.27.11

The Hooping Body workshop with GroovinMeGzz Tues Dec 27th
HOOP CIRCLE Card Holders - $20 + Card Punch (get your cards before the 27th, if you don't have one already.)
Non-HOOP CIRCLE Card Holders - $40

"The Hooping Body" is about embracing the fact that we are athletes of the circle. It's a practice that requires time and dedication to our bodies! Her goal is to inspire all Hoop Dancers to work on their physical conditioning outside of the hoop by strengthening and focusing on flexibility and in turn feel the benefits of this inside the hoop.

This workshop is open to all levels of hoopers. We will be exercising (low impact) and dancing with our hoops. We will cover flexibility routines for warming up & cooling down. Proper strength training exercises for particular movement patterns depending on your "flow" with the hoop. We will go through conceptual exercises incorporating elements of basic contemporary dance, Yoga and Qi Gong to create an extremely unique, centering, and fun style of dance.

Please visit The Hooping Body website and read students' testimonials from over the years!teachers

Things to bring: yoga mat, water bottle, pen and paper, your smile
What to wear: Comfortable & secure clothing, dance shoes, socks your choice

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