Monday, February 6, 2012

My Heart is a Spiritual Champion

* My Heart is a Spiritual Champion *

I yearn to build my heart into a Spiritual Champion. I do this with proper speaking and nurturing every action,word, thought and feeling. I cook colorful delightful foods with love. I clean my house, I perform my errands, my chores with love. I love myself no matter what my appearance. Exterior appearance is not divine. Divine Light only sees energy and color of your heart. Love is the key ingredient, when it is present Spirit is in BLISS! :) I will love openly and completely. I love myself unconditionally. This is not selfish and I do not invite the ego into that statement. But gratitude for all my past experiences my reactions, my feelings and thoughts I love unconditionally. I am pleased with myself. I accept all sides of situations, every part involved. There is much to learn and a lot of it is already inside of me.  I have worked hard to get to where I am now. Some steps were baby steps, where some were giant steps, yet here I am with a brave face, filled with SO much. I have succeeded through SO much. I will not stop believing in myself and sticking to my plan of action. I deserve happiness in my life. All in my path derives from all the choices I make. I chose to make WISE CHOICES! I chose to fill my life and my home with an abundance of happiness which will bring forth an abundance of joy and harmony! and so it is! 

Paraphrasing affirming Inspiring words from Acended Master Lord Ling

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