Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Torn Between Dreams and Responsibilities

So much turmoil in my head and heart at the moment. 

As you all know I made this move to Colorado to get a fresh start, and to heal from my heartache. 

The transition has been hard. For many reasons. Things are getting better. I have an amazing family supporting me. I think I'm going to make it... but...

*****I've made the decision to not do Electric Forrest Festival*****
in turn this should allow me to successfully attend Sonic Bloom & Hornings while still paying rent. :) 

This summer I have the opportunity to perform at 3 amazing music festivals. 

Sonic Bloom-I have to pay a discounted ticket. 
Electric Forrest and Hornings Hideout- just need help with travel costs. 

and this is where the turmoil really sets in...if I can't even afford getting my home life situated, how dare I even consider going to dance, play and be free.

My heart breaks thinking of not LIVING MY DREAMS and NOT performing hoop dance at these festivals because I financially can't afford it. 

If you have any $ you can help donate to my paypal account I would be so very grateful. I'll trade anything I can! I can do g-chat/skype hoop lessons, nutrition and fitness work. Really anything, I'll help you with if you help me in this rough transition.

GOAL: $200

Please HELP!!!


  1. I feel for You Megz...keep your chin up. Imagine yourself happy and performing at those festies and the funds will come, I promise!

  2. Replies
    1. Keep your affirmations and mantras going; "intention + frequency = healing" (and momentum, confidence, success ; ) ,

      Happy to be working along the way with you. <3 Rye

  3. Text my phone when u can. It's Cody. 757 650 1627

  4. Keep this mantra: All the money I need will flow abundantly in to me. The universe will provide all I need.
    Love you and I will share this on my webpage!