Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Summary & Outline of 2012 HoopCamp Discussion Circle

Presented by:
Shellie White Light of The Healthy Hooper
Megan Abernathy of The Hooping Body

What does it mean to be a ‘Healthy Hooper’? What does it take to create your perfect ‘Hooping Body’? There are so many different aspects to our specific type of fitness. Hoop Dance is much more than just looking beautiful while spinning the sacred circle with Grace and Ease. This grace and ease comes in time with a healthy diet, an athletic approach to training, incorporation of yoga and breath, and a holistic approach to dance as a service to yourself, others and ultimately Great Spirit. The following is a review of information that Shellie and Megz find to be the most important parts of their practice inside and outside of the circle. Blessings and Love!

The following is the perspective of The Healthy Hooper/ Shellie White Light. Check out her website! (www.thehealthyhooper)

The Healthy Hooper’s Top Ten Guidelines for Healthy Living & Hooping

1. Eat Hawaiian Spirulina!
a. MOST Bio-available Protein Source + Essential Amino Acids
b. Tastes Great in Smoothies! (Shaker is essential)
c. Increases energy, immune support, and vitality! Great for skin.

Eat Green Foods that are Still ALIVE, Organic & NON-GMO

    Make Creative Salads for Alkalinity (Shredding)
    1. Veggies are yummy in Smoothies J
    2. Stir-Fry Dishes in Stainless Steel (what you cook on & with matters!)

  1. Hydrate with Clean & Blessed Water
    1. Always have your water bottle with you and FULL! (How many oz do you need per weight?)
    2. Know where your water comes from.
    3. Coconut water is the BEST for a quick boost of electrolytes!

  1. Oils Oils Oils
    1. Cook with Coconut or Grapeseed
    2. Supplement with Hemp Oil: Salads & Smoothies
    3. Use on your body w/ Essential Oils

  1. Protein Sources
    2. Vegetarian? Beans, Eggs, Acorns, Quinoa, ALL VEGGIES!
    3. Raw Protein Powders (Shaker)

  1. YOGA (Divine Union) & QI GONG (Energetic Discipline)
    1. Prevents injury & maintains flexibility
    2. Ekagra- single pointed focus (The Yoga Sutras)
    3. Mastery of control/discipline

  1. MASSAGE / Bodywork
    1. Reduces all types of tension, builds immunity
    2. Increased Flexibility, Strength, and Stamina
    3. Every ATHLETE needs & deserves it

  1. The Circle as Sadhana (Daily Devoted Practice)
    1. Increased bodily intelligence; DNA Restructuring
    2. Mastery in the Flow of Life; The Flower of Life; Merkaba Feild
    3. Ability to converse with the Masses about the most Sacred Symbol of All
  1. BHAKTI (Devotion) & SEVA (Self-Less Service)
    1. Hoop with Children (Farmer’s Markets, Festivals, Front Yards)
    2. Encourage them ALL that they are perfect and unbroken
    3. Gift Hoops, Time and Talents

10. The Nine Breathe Method (as taught by Jeff Primack)
  1. Breath Work helps to focus the mind, body, and day
  2. A psychedelic drug free experience of meeting ‘God/Dess
  3. Tibetan Tumo Breathing/Builds Inner Fire

Shellie’s Story:
    Raised on the soul food of the low-country lands of South Carolina, at 19 I was 170 pounds. As a heavy drinker, foodie and fun-loving collage drop out, I ventured to the dark-side in the realms of ‘drugs, sex and rock-n-roll’. After multiple illnesses, accidents, and bouts of bad luck, I turned my life around at 20 when I chose to quit drinking, smoking, eating meat and thinking negative thought patterns on a daily basis. I spent my 21st birthday totally sober and as my own designated driver. Randomly, I enrolled in massage school and in three months lost 30 pounds. The other 30 pounds melted away over the years as I consciously walked from the shade into the bright lights of personal training, food healing, yoga, Qi Gong, conscious breathing, and of course, Sacred Hoop Dance. At 23 the hoop grabbed me, compelled me, and navigated me into a world of magic, mysticism, mastery, grace, creative overflow, spiritual devotion and pure enchantment. I was forever transformed and would never be able to return to a life of laziness and purposeless slumber. Three years ago ‘The Healthy Hooper’ came to life as a result of my passion for wanting to pass on all of the helpful healthful information I can to all walks of life, especially children. My goal is to have ‘The Healthy Hooper’ as a fitness/wellness program in schools internationally; with focus on Organic Gardens, Easy Food Prep, Daily Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, Sacred Hoop Dance and Creative Play, ‘The Healthy Hooper’s’ Mission is to spread as much enjoyment, awareness and creative spark as humanly possible. Anytime you are living the life of a ‘Healthy Hooper’, you are being an ambassador of The Sacred Circle and all can see! I am blessed that I came from a family that loved me through hardship and a long road to loving myself. I want to pass this love along! I am available for any type of counseling and coaching. If I can make the major life changes I did with grace, ease and confidence…anyone can.
You’re thoughts are the key. Create your reality with love as your intention, breathe deeply, and step into The Circle to pray, play and stay…you J
Aloha. Sat Nam. Blessings.

Shellie White Light

The following is perspective of The Hooping Body/ Megz “GroovinMegzz” Abernathy
Website: www.thehoopingbody.com

Main guidelines on injury prevention and athletic body care J
1. Always perform a warm-up before hooping or any other physical activity
a)    preferred WITHOUT the hoop
b)   Movement in every major joint! Ankles, knees, hips, shoulder & neck
c)    Typical warm up should last 3-5 minute 

2. Analyze your flow patterns
a) Where do you find yourself hooping? On body, off body, both?
      b) What are your flow habits? Moves you do on a repetitive basis?
      c) Do you use one side of your body more than the other? Are your movements balanced?
  3.   Stretch after your hoop practice or activity
a) Stretch every joint! Ankles, knees, hips, shoulders & neck!
b) Hold each stretch for at least 10-15 seconds & breathe deep
c) Lengthening muscles is very important for injury prevention! Do not slack on stretching! It is FREE and it feels good! There are no more excuses. You have time.

  4. Hydration and Diet
            a) 17-20 oz of water 2-3 hours before activity & replacing fluids as necessary
       b) EAT a snack or light meal before hooping or physical activity. Pre workout meal/snack should be relatively high in carbohydrate to maximize blood glucose availability, relatively low in fat and fiber to minimize gastrointestinal distress and facilitate gastric emptying, moderate in protein and well-tolerated by the individual.
Ex. Quinoa, Lentils, Rice cakes, brown long grain rice, old fashioned oatmeal, organic granola 
            c) Supplement as needed! If you train hard in other activities such as aerial, yoga, or running additional nutrients may be required! There is a potential need for increased protein and healthy fats on training days. Glutamine and amino acid support can help for long duration activities. Ask me for more information!
d) Protein requirements for Endurance Athletes are around 1.2g/kg
wt in kg=wt in lbs/2.2 Ex: 130lbs/59kg needs around 71g protein on training days
Vegetarians/Vegans need to consume 1.3-1.8g/kg. Due to the fact that plant proteins are less well digested than animal proteins, an increase in intake of approximately 10% protein is advised

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