Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Aligin with Divine-Being True to Life

Teaching Hoop Dance has been an amazing privilege and honor to be able to facilitate an environment where others can explore, move, dance and be free! I've often said:
 "When I'm teaching I'm not sure how I know what to say, how I communicate so efficiently. It feels as if it's coming from above and through me. Like I'm channeling the Divine through my work"

Sounds cheesy, I know. 

But post hoop class, I feel like I'm floating, every cell in my body is buzzing! I feel electric! It's an insane sensation! And no I haven't smoked anything! ;) 

I'm reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, and a passage I read last night HIT ME! This is it!! 

"So be true to life by being true to your inner purpose. As you become present and thereby total in what you do, your actions become charged with spiritual power. At first there may be no noticeable change in what you do-only the how changes. Your primary purpose is now to enable consciousness to flow into what you do. The secondary purpose is whatever you want to achieve through the doing."

Our true inner purpose is to negate time, Time is always NOW. Your state of consciousness is primary, all else is secondary. Through the present moment, you have access to the Power of Life itself! 

When I'm teaching Hoop Dance I am fully present. And therefore I am aligned with the Divine. I channel the essence of Source through my language and movement, with the intention to continue the channel into others.  

Do others feel the same?!


  1. YES, doing what you love and making the world so much a better place for knowing your brilliance!! :)

  2. YES. Even more so than other dance modalities or even Pilates, my passion for the last 12 years... teaching hoopDANCE is wildly fulfilling with an infinite opportunity for creativity and expression.