Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flow & Restriction

The Difference between Flow and Restriction

The need to feel secure is only a bad habit. You can feel secure without even knowing what will happen to you next. It’s only a custom of the ego that requires you to “need to know” . When you can come to a “Don’t know, Don’t care” attitude-you are free!! You transcend the ego's need to know and it's reluctance to move. Just gotta move without knowing. 

If you are to become a spiritual warrior and to honor The Divine Force within, you will agree to accept all circumstances as you find them-remembering, of course, that almost everything can be improved and that things can change. What you can't change, you probably don't need to. You can just go beyond worrying about it instead. Say to yourself: "All these things are part of my human evolution. I can transcend them and go beyond." It is a simple and courageous act of acceptance. 

Instantly, you go past one of the greatest human weaknesses-the need to know. If you’re balanced today, you’ll be more balanced tomorrow because your energy is rising constantly. If you are abundant today, you’ll be more abundant tomorrow because that’s how rising energy works. 
Infinite Self-Stuart Wilde

I'm so moved while this book! It brings much clarity and reminding me of wisdom I feel I once knew. I highly recommend it! :) 


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