Monday, March 26, 2012

Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough

You are a diamond in the rough, brilliant and beautiful and shine like the sun. Diamonds are tough. Light enters and bounces around then bursts out in rainbows abound. The facets are many, sometimes more than plenty. It can be confusing which face you are using. Each one projects beauty, outward, inward or down to the ground. SO hold your diamond mind high, and point it towards the sky because rainbows of that brightness are in short supply ♥ 

A poem from my sister she writes: " I wrote that for you this morning. To remind you that you are a light body and that light bodies recognize other light bodies. You take in the light projected to you from the people around you who surround you with love. You take that light into the prism of your being and reflect it outward like rainbow lasers. It's awesome =) ♥"

Another poem my sister wrote for me while I was traveling from OR to VA for the holidays..

"During your day of travel be aware~ your energy & beauty will cause people to stare. Your smile is contagious, your outfits outrageous, and such pretty hair =) Be aware of this power because if your mood goes sour ~ this radiant flower will arrive in despair. Keep this in mind and help people remember that this time in December is one of love and care. People are crazy and running around forgetting to appreciate the beauty abound. Remind them of this, as you float through their world. A faery in passing, navigating people amassing. Like a rainbow traveling from A to B you bring joy to all those who are lucky enough to see" ♥ 

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